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We repair your bike

We at Cykelanc think it should be easy to repair and service your bike.

As the bike ages, the chain, gears, crank bearings and other parts will need to be serviced or replaced. If you are unlucky, any repairs can dig deep holes in your wallet and prevent you from using the bike completely.

But calm down, we make sure you get on the saddle quickly and can embark on new cycling adventures again!

We will come to you and pick up your bike and return it after the job is done. With Cykelanc, you avoid all the hassle of leaving and picking up the bike.

Payment is made upon delivery via Swish or cash.


Pickup and drop off in Uppsala region, 50 kr

Break pads, from 50 kr

Break wire, from 50 kr

Break hose, from 85 kr

Break lever, from 155 kr

Bike chain, from 115 kr

Chain guard, from 140 kr

Bike handel, from 65 kr

Gear wire kit, from 195 kr

Gear wire, from 65 kr

Bike pedal, from 90 kr

Bike sadel, from 135 kr


For service and questions, contact us by email:


If you send us the booking by email, please leve us the information below:

Name, address, phonenumber, date and time for pickup.